Andersen Experience

Andersen Experience

Drew Hubbell recently returned from the “Andersen Experience” in Stillwater, Minnesota; an exclusive look at the Andersen Windows & Doors facility. There he spent three days of intensive training on the latest windows and door technology, familiarizing himself with current product lines, and touring wood window and door factories. It was a great opportunity to see firsthand how these products are manufactured and assembled.

Andersen Facility - Stillwater, Minnesota

Pro-Build/Dixieline helped host the tour which also included a trip to the Cardinal glass plant. Cardinal is the largest manufacturer of glass in the U.S. The group followed the float glass manufacturing process seeing how plate glass is made. Drew believes that the window glass and window frame are together an important feature of a building. He often compares the windows of a building to the eyes of a person. Windows are what you see the outside world through.

Andersen - Cardinal Glass


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