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“Artist James Hubbell Builds Park in South Korea.” These Days. By Angela Carone and Maureen Cavanaugh. National Public Radio. KPBS Radio, San Diego. 17 June 2010. {Pacific Rim Park – Korea}

“Discovering the Art & Architecture of Hubbell.” These Days. By Natalie Walsh and Tom Fudge. National Public Radio. KPBS Radio, San Diego. 10 Jun. 2008. “In 1958, James and Anne Hubbell established a homestead which would include the house where they lived and studios where James, an artist, worked. Over the years, the complex, built according to Jim’s artistic and architectural vision, because a well-known and much-visited site. In 2003, many of the buildings were destroyed in the Cedar Fire. Since then the Hubbells have rebuilt. And this weekend they’ll be holding an open house on their property, which they’ve named Ilan-Lael.” {Ilan-Lael Open House}

“Interview with James & Drew Hubbell.” The Lounge. By Dirk Sutro. National Public Radio. KPBS Radio, San Diego. 16 Jun. 2004. Conversation about 2003 fire, rebuilding efforts, Hubbells’ history and approach. 52 minutes. {Ilan-Lael Fire Rebuild & Studio History}


Hubbell & Hubbell on Life, Art, and Turning Mistakes into Wonders.” Artist Profiles. By Phoebe Chongchua. ArtPulse.TV. 30 Dec. 2010. The father and son team (internationally renowned artist and architect) talk to Phoebe Chongchua from ArtPulse.TV about life, art, and how mistakes have paved the way for greater success. 4 min 57 sec. {Ilan Lael Home & Studio}

Green Home Slab Party.” CW San Diego 6 News. 23 Jun. 2010. {Farrar Residence.}

Ilan-Lael Open House & Studio Tour Promo. Produced by Gerdes Creative. 25 Apr. 2010. James Hubbell welcomes you to the 2010 Open House and Studio Tour with a brief glimpse of the amazing art and architecture that awaits you. 2 min 32 sec. {Ilan-Lael Open House}

“Livin’ the Green Life.” Take 5. By Rose Pfanner. Fox Broadcasting Company. Fox5 – KSWB, San Diego. 13 Jan. 2008. Kermit the Frog was wrong! It is easy to be green, and this week on Take Five we’ll show you how. Green building architect, Drew Hubbell, gives us a tour of a special home in Jamul. Not only are the walls made of straw, but this home’s centerpiece is a giant boulder. {Dunham/Kidwell Residence}

Save IT for ME! Produced by B2 Productions. Del Mar Television. 2007. The Del Mar TV Foundation collaborated with 14 sixth-grade students to create an environmental documentary that shows us – that without changing our individual and community lifestyles, we will jeopardize our – and their – future. Drew Hubbell talks about recycled building materials at 13 min 40 s.

“Pod House and More.” What’s With That House? Produced by LMNOP TV. Home & Garden Television – HGTV. 8 Aug. 2006. “Pod House: Next up is a San Diego house made of three pumpkin-like pods that looks more at home in a Dr. Seuss book than in this ritzy area.” {Vint Residence}

“Parisian Palace and More.” What’s With That House? Produced by High Noon Entertainment. Home & Garden Television – HGTV.  25 July 2006. “Perhaps the strangest of all is a house made out of boulders on a southern California mountaintop. Instead of blasting away the rubble, the homeowners built the huge boulders right into the structure of their house. It’s the house equivalent of the term ‘rock star.’” {Beaton Residence}

Between Wildfires. By Julian Duval, Quail Botanical Gardens. Public Broadcasting Service. KPBS TV, San Diego. 22 May 2006. Various experts share their knowledge on how to be better prepared for the inevitable wildfires that are part of the environment in Southern California? 28 minutes; Drew Hubbell at 3 min 13 s. {DeRenouard, Fire-Wise Design}

“New York Brownstone, Colorado Rancher, Florida Bungalow, Sunroom” Generation Renovation. Produced by High Noon Entertainment. Home & Garden Television – HGTV.  12 Feb. 2006. Featured in this episode: imaginative spaces whose past life is hard to fathom, an elixir that revives a fantastic fireplace, rescuing a floor covered in staples, a spicy sunroom. A patio becomes a sunroom with beautiful hardwood floors. {Charlie Johnson Remodel}

The Phoenix in Spring. Produced by Gerdes Creative. Public Broadcasting Service. KPBS TV, San Diego. 26 Oct. 2005. The bittersweet postscript to “Eye of the Beholder”–a year after that documentary was completed a wildfire compeltely destroyed Hubbell’s home and art studio. Out of the ashes sprang recovery, hope, and a new determination to celebrate life in all its awesome fury. 7 minutes. {Ilan-Lael Fire 2-Year Mark}

Entre Corazon y Mar. By Brennan Hubbell, produced by Gerdes Creative. Public Broadcasting Service. KPBS TV, San Diego. 2005. Russian, Chinese, Mexican and American students work with artist James Hubbell to design and construct the fourth Pacific Rim Park during a one-month design-build project. Shows the building of the park at La Joya, Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico; between Tijuana and Rosarito, just 30 minutes from the second park in San Diego, CA. 6 min 13 s. {Pacific Rim Park – Tijuana}

All Under Heaven. Produced by Gerdes Creative. 2005. The making of the Pacific Rim Parks: one ocean, one moon, three cities, three pearls. 23 minutes. {Pacific Rim Parks}

“Unique Hideaways.” Amazing Vacation Homes. Produced by Mike Mathis Productions. Travel Channel. 4 Oct. 2004. {Rainbow Hill}

Rebuilding Fire-Safe Homes.Full Focus. By Marianne Gerdes, Rebecca Tolin, and Gloria Penner. Public Broadcasting Service. KPBS TV, San Diego. 2004. Filmmaker Marianne Gerdes followed artist & architect James Hubbell as he returned to his home near Julian after the Cedar Fire. {Ilan-Lael: Hubbell Home & Studios Fire}

Between Heaven & Earth. Produced by Gerdes Creative. 2004. This DVD includes the Ilan/Lael Hubbell Studio Fire segment plus the rebuild of the property 18 months into recovery called The Phoenix In Spring. {Ilan-Lael/Hubbell Studio Fire}

Eye of the Beholder: The Artistry of James Hubbell. Produced by Gerdes Creative. Public Broadcasting Service. KPBS TV, San Diego. 2002. A documentary film about James Hubbell’s architectural designs, sculpture, public art and work with students. Includes interviews with the artist, his family and associates. 40 minutes. {Ilan-Lael: James Hubbell Home & Studios}

Extreme Homes(?). Home & Garden Television – HGTV. circa 2000 – 2001. {Vint Residence}

Extreme Homes. Produced by Pioneer Productions. Home & Garden Television – HGTV.  30 May 1999. {Ilan-Lael: James Hubbell Home & Studios}

The Art and Vision of James Hubbell. Produced by Paul Marshall and Vernon Kifer. Public Broadcasting Service. KPBS TV, San Diego. 1989. An extraordinary documentary film combining James Hubbell’s architectural designs, sculpture and stained glass with the artist’s own words to reveal the man, his life and his philosophy. This television special is included as bonus material on the Eye of the Beholder DVD. {Ilan-Lael: James Hubbell Home & Studios}