Project Turnaround

Project Turnaround

Project Turnaround is looking for team members to help create an Ecovillage.

Imagine a neighborhood without social walls to block those with challenges while providing gardens and art for everyone.

Project Turnaround has been building a team of passionate and talented people to build a sustainable and loving environment that integrates people with developmental challenges (PDC) with society. Imagine an ecovillage central to other San Diego neighborhoods that supports PDC’s with a holistic approach. PDC’s often receive housing and food but are lacking a deeper engagement in life.

Project Turnaround has been creating educational programs for PDC’s since 1992 and has a vision to create a new, first-in-the-world ecovillage project that will provide individuals with develpomental challenges an integrated, safe and enriching living environment and opportunities for meaningful work. Jobs will also be created for the community at large.

Money is available for the care of people with developmental challenges.

It is time to tap into those resources to build a living, education and work model that creates a shift in the way we interact with our community. You can help build this new model of support while also building a career for yourself. We are looking for individuals with abilities in management, community organization and grants who have a strong desire to make a difference. Please contact us to learn more.
Millions of dollars in grants are available for housing and education projects for people with developmental challenges .
Check out our friends at Camphill for inspiration:

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Call Nydia to get involved (858) 481-3998

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