Farrar Green Home Receives LEED Platinum Certification

Farrar Green Home Receives LEED Platinum Certification







Hubbell & Hubbell Architects is proud to announce the Farrar Green Home in Escondido, California to have received a LEED Platinum Certification.  The two-story, four bedroom, three-1/2 bath home owned by Rhonda and Nigel Farrar, is a model for green building, and is designed to make the most of natural light and coastal breezes to maximize energy efficiency while also providing a beautiful, artistic home overlooking Lake Hodges.

LEED, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is a certification system run by the U.S. Green Building Council that works with architects, engineers, home owners, and more, allowing people to easily transform their sites into sustainable projects that exist harmoniously with the environment and maximize energy efficiency.  LEED for Homes operates on a system made up of four different levels of certification, each varying with the number of points earned on a 136-point scale, LEED Certified (+45 points), LEED Silver (+60 Points), LEED Gold (+75 Points), and LEED Platinum (+90 points).  Points are earned in six categories:  Sustainable Sites, Water Efficiency, Energy & Atmosphere, Materials & Resources, and Indoor Environmental Quality.

The Farrar Green Home and Farm was awarded a LEED Platinum certification. The house is a Net Zero building, meaning it has zero net energy consumption and generates a neutral carbon footprint, which is made possible by the use of solar panels, which completely power the house, and a geothermal heating system that pumps heat inside from the ground. Other green features of the house include super insulating Perform Wall panels made from 85% recycled content as the primary construction material, providing the house with excellent thermal and sound insulation while also adding termite and fire resistance.  Large windows and bi-fold doors create a seamless flow between the house and the surrounding landscape, and help maximize natural light and breezes.  The home’s metal roof reflects heat and is designed for solar panels to easily fit in place.  A small pool in the backyard minimizes power and water consumption by making use of a Swim Gym motor in which one swims against a current and can use the pool as they would use a full-size lap pool.  Inside the house, bamboo, cork, and other sustainable materials are used for flooring, and recycled glass and concrete is used for counters and finishes throughout the home.

The Farrar Green Home is an excellent example of Hubbell and Hubbell’s philosophy of sustainable yet beautiful architecture. The LEED process helps recognize these efforts by celebrating this model of green building worldwide.

Farrar Residence Receives LEED Platinum

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