Drew Hubbell Elected to Citizens Coordinate for Century 3 (C-3) Board

Drew Hubbell Elected to Citizens Coordinate for Century 3 (C-3) Board

The County Administration Center, photo taken from the C3sandiego.org website

Last month (July) Drew Hubbell was elected to the Citizens Coordinate for Century 3 (C-3) board, a “nonpartisan, nonprofit organization of informed citizens who are interested in planning issues, preservation, and the revitalization of downtown San Diego,” (http://www.c3sandiego.org). This election is an exciting addition to Drew’s resume, as he was nominated due to his outstanding reputation in the San Diego community and his own personal alignment with the C-3 board’s mission.

The C-3 board was founded in 1961 to help promote conservation and environmental consideration within the planning of San Diego through community education, research, and coordinated citizen action. C-3 was founded by Lloyd Ruocco, Esther Scott, Hamilton Marston and Ellen Revelle, citizen activists who longed to be “a Voice for Beauty” and a “Link to a Handsome Community” in the San Diego area.

C3 founder Ellen Revelle, photo taken from the C3sandiego.org website

They fought everyone from the California Division of Highways to developers who wished to build high-rises in La Jolla through organized, concerted citizen action.

The board, made up of architects, artists, horticulturists, and other concerned citizens, acts as the aesthetic voice in the San Diego planning discussion. In their drafted principles and guidelines entitled “Toward Permanent Paradise”, adopted by the C-3 board September 14, 1998, the board sets forth 3 principles, clearly showing the board’s appreciation for San Diego’s valuable natural environment. First, they call attention to the natural system of river valleys, canyons and natural open spaces that San Diego contains, and proclaim that development within San Diego’s river valleys and canyons should be diminished, if at all allowed. Second, they recognize the moderate climate along the coast as advantageous to heating and air-conditioning energy conservation. Building along the coast while keeping beaches clean and accessible is a climate control tactic that the C-3 board promotes. Thirdly, the board promotes the upgrading and improvement of old communities rather than the development of new communities to fight suburban sprawl – a problem that riddles all of southern California.

Today, the board continues to fight for the realization of these 3 principles, most recently getting involved with the development of the 2050 Regional Transportation Plan,

photo taken from the C3sandiego.org website

the San Diego County General Plan, and educating the community with their regular Breakfast Dialogue Program – a monthly discussion about relevant community and planning topics. This year, C-3 hopes to update “Toward Permanent Paradise” with new environmental challenges in mind, even changing its title to the fitting “Sustainable Paradise”.

Drew joins C-3 at an exciting time, as the C-3 board enters its 50th anniversary year, and has many celebrations and actions planned to commemorate 50 years of remarkable achievements in the San Diego area. Be sure to follow “C-3 Views”, the board’s comprehensive newsletter for updates, announcements, and to follow Drew’s involvement.

Their newsletter can be found here on their website.

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