Rancho Alegria

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Project Description

Rebuild of Traditional Adobe Ranch

Prior to 2003, Rancho Alegria contained four buildings forming a small compound at the base of the Cuyamaca Mountains. The ranch’s original two adobe structures were in need of rebuilding and remodeling after the 2003 wildfires burned everything except the adobe walls. Two other buildings survived the fires but were in very poor shape. Our firm provided the master plan, drawings, and construction observation services for the Rancho Alegria rebuild project. The adobe La Fonda and Art Studio buildings have been stabilized and rebuilt using traditional ranchero materials and details. The damaged Casita and Swiss House interiors were completely gutted and rebuilt.  A power building was added in order to integrate photovoltaics and a backup generator to provide 100% of the energy needs for the ranch.

Project Details



Rebuild and remodel fire-damaged adobe buildings. Add power building and photovoltaics to provide 100% of energy needs.


San Diego County, California