Natural Plasters

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Project Description

What are natural plasters?

For better or worse, the average person spends most of their time indoors. This means we are living in a man made environment and are also exposed to the chemicals we use in making these environments. Natural plasters take the form of clay plaster or lime plaster and act as substitutes for cement, gypsum, and paint products – creating a more sustainable, more attractive, and healthier environment in which to interact.


Benefits of Clay & Lime Plasters

  1. NON-TOXIC. Many wall finishes used in homes contain petroleum based ingredients.   Only a few products can claim to be low-VOC and formaldehyde free. Clay and lime plasters can be made just from natural ingredients.
  2. LOW POLLUTION. Making portland cement based stucco involves the releasing of carbon dioxide during slaking that accounts for 4% of the planet’s greenhouse gas emissions. Lime plaster on the other hand is able to naturally sequester back about 80% of the carbon dioxide emitted during slaking. Clay plaster does not necessarily involve any carbon dioxide emissions. In some locations clay plaster can even be made completely on-site with local soil.
  3. NATURAL LOOK. Walls finished with clay plaster have a natural feel that cannot be achieved with other plasters. Lime walls similarly have a depth of colors in them that other plasters cannot achieve.


Crestridge Kiosk

Deer Park Monastery

Dunham-Kidwell Residence



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