Christian Science Reading Room

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Project Description

Coastal Modern Reading Room for Encinitas

The Christian Science Society of Encinitas approached Hubbell & Hubbell to help them create a new reading room, sitting room, and outdoor gathering space for their growing community on a lot with an existing retail space that was in disrepair. According to the society, “a Christian Science Reading Room is a place for quite study, active discovery, discussion, prayer, and spiritual growth.” To achieve this type of environment the design aimed to maintain the low density development existing on the site and create an attractive retail space within a garden setting, featuring an existing mature Aleppo Pine.

The front Reading Room exemplifies the coastal modern aesthetic of the beach community and was constructed in a way to reuse the foundation of the existing dilapidated building on the site. The interior focuses on the outdoor activity and bringing the outdoors into the building through a large deck space and sliding glass walls. The garden, designed by William Joyce Landscape Architects, has a completely new envelope of redwood fencing, stone clad walls, a fountain wall, and screening plants to create a serene and private space for contemplation, socializing, and religious gatherings. Boulders and interesting drought-tolerant plantings accentuate the meandering patio spaces throughout the site. The small pagoda-like Sitting Room occupies a back corner of the garden and is angled to face the entire site.

Project Details



624 sf Reading Room, 100 sf Sitting Room, Deck & Garden


Encinitas, California