San Pasqual Guest House

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Project Description

Guest House for Cultural Center

The San Pasqual Band lost an important building at this site, the “White House”, in the 2003 Paradise Mountain Wildfire. The new Guest House replaces the “White House” as a companion to the new Cultural Center on the hilltop nearby. The Guest House design was inspired by the way a bird descends gently to the ground. Funding for this project came from a State Community Block Grant Program through the State of California requiring the entire team to work within a set budget and fixed timeframe. The Guest House was designed by Juergen Zierler of Hubbell & Hubbell Architects. Features include:

  • Split-level design respects existing site slope minimizing site disturbance
  • Principal roof slope designed at near optimum solar angle to accommodate future photovoltaic panels
  • FSC certified lumber and recycled heavy timber construction
  • Slab used as thermal mass for passive heating
  • Fly-ash specified in concrete mix to replace percentage of cement
  • Natural ventilation & thermal chimney
  • Large areas of glazing limit the need for artificial light and maximize views
  • Highly energy-efficient lighting and mechanical systems specified; efficient wood-burning fireplace with recirculation fan limits demand on mechanical system.

Project Details




1,124 sq ft Guest House using heavy timber roof framing with standing seam roof.


Valley Center, California