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Project Description

What is an Insulated Concrete Form?

An Insulated Concrete Form (or ICF) is a system of permanent concrete formwork that is made out of a rigid insulating material. A concrete wall requires formwork to be built and usually requires insulation, so an ICF product reduces construction waste compared to temporary formwork and provides the most efficient means of insulation. Hubbell & Hubbell Architects has worked with many types of ICF products. Perform Wall is one product that works particularly well for sustainable building projects in San Diego County.


Benefits Of Perform Wall Panels

  1. SUSTAINABLE PRODUCT. Perform wall are composed of 85% recycled material from expanded polystyrene foam packaging mixed with Portland cement. They are also manufactured near San Diego County.
  2. ENERGY EFFICIENT. The 12” walls have an insulation rating of R-28.9 in San Diego (Climate Zone 3), which is well above the standard R-13 of building codes.
  3. STRUCTURALLY STRONG. Perform walls are approved for multistory construction in all seismic zones.
  4. EASY CONSTRUCTION. The panels act as permanent formwork for poured concrete meaning extensive temporary formwork is not needed. Ends of panel walls do need additional framing or formwork and panels are often attached using polyurethane foam.
  5. DESIGN FLEXIBILITY. The product comes in a variety of thicknesses (8.5”, 10”, 12” & 14”), a modular size (15” tall x 10’-0” long panels), and can be oriented either vertically to enable tight curves in a building plan or horizontally like bricks.
  6. FIRE RESISTANT. Panels have a 4 Hour Fire Rating with a Flame Spread Index of 0.
  7. SOUND PROOF. Perform wall panels insulate sound as well. They are rated STC 50.
  8. MOLD RESISTANT. Mildew and fungus had zero growth when tested on perform walls, unlike organic products (wood studs and drywall paper) which are susceptible to mildew and fungus growth in moist conditions.


Perform Wall Projects:

Barker Residence

Elfin Forest Interpretive Center

Farrar Green Home

Spurgeon Residence

Valade Residence
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