Plant Power – Encinitas

Veggies & Outdoor Dining Replace Gas Station Eyesore The new home of Plant Power Fast Food's second establishment was previously a vacant gas station for many years, an eye-sore in the beautiful sea-side community of Encinitas. From the beginning, the client and architect wanted to transform the existing structures in a way that saved waste [...]

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Farrar Green Home update: we’ve moved in!

Dear Friends and Family, Ready or not, we have finally moved into the Farrar Green Home! We love our new house and green lifestyle. We especially love being able to turn on the air conditioning, music, lights, and sprinklers from our iPhone or iPads. I am loving driving my zippy new Nissan Leaf [...]

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Macomber Residence open for construction tours

Passionate about sustainability and sharing lessons learned, owner/builders Bob and Betsy Macomber are offering construction tours of Vista Cielo--their new green residence in Ramona. This is a unique opportunity to see cutting-edge green building components before the final finishes are applied…and you’re invited! An inspiring example of learning from disaster and making something [...]

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