Hubbell and Hubbell Look to Help Nepal

Even when nature is considered and embraced, it can still react in harsh ways, and Nepal has witnessed the strength of natural disasters fist hand. The news can cover the damages the earthquake caused, but Nepal is in need of much more than that. After hundreds of thousands of homes being destroyed and millions of people being displaced from their homes actions needs to be taken to help those in need.

The Bishwa Seva Foundation, founded by Deep Deoja, is dedicated to spiritual services and plans to help those left without homes to return to after the earthquake in Panuti, Nepal. Over the foundation has educated children and fed those that are hungry; building structurally sound homes is yet another opportunity for the foundation to reach out and help Nepal. Deep Doeja is seeking the help of professionals in San Diego where he practices sound healing to help him with his relief effort.

Hubbell and Hubbell Architects plan to help by designing homes with enough reinforcement to avoid destruction if another natural disaster were to pass through the area. The homes will be strong while remaining sustainable to avoid environmental impact.

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