Cabin Rebuild at Foster Lodge

This article was recently featured in the most recent publishing of the Hi Sierran by Sierra Club San Diego:

Architect Selected for Foster Lodge Cabin Rebuild, Hubbell & Hubbell to Design

Hubbell & Hubbell Architects has been selected by Sierra Club San Diego to design the new cabin at Foster Lodge. The old cabin, constructed in 1927, […]

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Strawbale in Solana Beach

A 2-story strawbale home has been rising in recent months in the heart of Solana Beach, California. The Hubbell & Hubbell designed home will be fully equipped with solar power, solar hot water, and electric vehicle charging. The home owner hand selected timbers from Washington state for some of the post and rafter elements. A natural clay […]

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Looking for new ways to save water?

Using graywater is an excellent way to recycle and conserve water, and can help you reduce potable water consumption. According to the state of California, a standard home generates approximately 160 gallons of graywater per day, or nearly 60,000 gallons per year. A family of four could reuse 22,000 gallons a year just by recycling […]

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Catch the Art Wave!

Ilan-Lael 2nd Annual Art Auction

Summer’s here, and there was never a better time to own a piece of art created or inspired by James Hubbell. Surfboard art, stained glass windows, original Hubbell pieces, or quality works pieces such as a one-of-a-kind area rug copied from a Hubbell watercolor. The bidding began June 1, 2016 and […]

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Ilan-Lael Building update!

The hill was a buzz with activity today. We sprayed the first coat of concrete onto the frame of the newest Ilan-Lael Foundation building. This is an exciting step forward and marks another milestone towards completion. We can’t wait to show off the progress in just a few weeks at the open house!



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