Hubbell and Hubbell Look to Help Nepal

Even when nature is considered and embraced, it can still react in harsh ways, and Nepal has witnessed the strength of natural disasters fist hand. The news can cover the damages the earthquake caused, but Nepal is in need of much more than that. After hundreds of thousands of homes being destroyed and millions of […]

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Why One Green Architect Decides to Go Solar

Why did architect Drew Hubbell, a 20 year veteran in green building, decide to install solar panels on his home now? “Since my family is very careful in conserving energy, the payback for installing photovoltaic panels on our home was pretty long, and did not make sense.” However, three factors changed his mind: the rising […]

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Design for a New World


Temenos Garden rendering.

Can we build structures using natural, renewable materials, structures that harmonize with the land on which they are built? As an intern architect in the late 80s, I became aware of the great amount of natural resources buildings require, there was a need for architects and builders who are sensitive to nature. We need to build energy efficient sustainable structures, considering how each choice we make holds ramifications for the earth. A recent study shows that the U.S. building industry creates roughly half of America’s energy consumption and half of its green house gas emissions. Cars and trucks, by comparison, do roughly 1/6th as much damage. […]

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Can There Be A Sustainable Future without Beauty?

The word “sustainability” has become fashionable in our world. It is a necessary goal if our society is to continue, but what does it mean? Is sustainability a technological problem, a social problem, a spiritual problem, or is it a combination of all of them and more? How do you make a whole out of […]

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Continuous Architecture

I find the term “Continuous Architecture” full of challenge and I find it even more interesting that it should be brought up as a serious topic, now in 1993. Why now?

My own formal training was not in architecture but in art and sculpture. When I was a student, action painting was in. It glorified the […]

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