Article: Anders Residence in Sfaere magazine

The Anders Residence, designed by Hubbell & Hubbell Architects, was featured in the Norwegian magazine Sfære, “a magazine from Enova about energy and climate, for modern people homes.”

The Autumn issue (No. 2-2009) focused on ways California is taking control of climate change.  The Anders Residence was highlighted as an example of an energy-efficient, passively designed, […]

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Valade Fire Rebuild article in East County Magazine

East County Magazine article about Valade green fire-rebuild using Perform Wall.
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Today’s Local News: “A Magical World”

“Flora, fauna take center stage at new center in Elfin Forest…”

Thank you Loni Zierler for passing along this newspaper article about the opening of the Elfin Forest Interpretive Center.  This pdf contains the entire article highlighting the program and speakers, as well as photos of a tiny Mexican free-tailed bat and large raven rescued by […]

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County Television: “Green Dream” Macomber Residence

County Television Network video about Macomber Residence.
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North County Times: Farrar Residence melds environmentalism, comfort

Dear all,

Here is the first of a series of articles on our new Green Dream Home in Escondido:
– pdf version with photos, or
– text version on the North County Times website.

The home also has its own Facebook Page!  You can follow the design and building of the home by searching for “Farrar Green Home” on […]

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