Passionate about sustainability and sharing lessons learned, owner/builders Bob and Betsy Macomber are offering construction tours of Vista Cielo–their new green residence in Ramona. This is a unique opportunity to see cutting-edge green building components before the final finishes are applied…and you’re invited!

View during construction showing DensGlass and foam block. Photo by Kellyn Sanderson. sustainable architecture-natural building-green home design-modern-hubbell and hubbell-san diego,ca

View during construction showing DensGlass and foam block. Photo by Kellyn Sanderson.

An inspiring example of learning from disaster and making something better because of it, the Macomber Residence—built on the site where their previous home burned in the 2007 Witch Creek Fire—was designed by Hubbell & Hubbell Architects to be as fire-resistive and green as possible.

One of the first things you notice when approaching the home is that most of the walls are foam block. The Macombers used IntegraSpec, an insulating concrete form (ICF) type of wall construction where foam provides excellent wall insulation and interior cells are filled with concrete structure.

Areas of the home that had already been plastered also look a little different. Instead of conventional stucco, this home features a type of plaster called SureCrete–a water repelling but breathable no-VOC plaster using recycled aggregate. On their home it looks like a smooth Santa Barbara type finish. The difference is that it only uses a very thin coat, and best of all, doesn’t show any signs of cracking!

Vista Cielo uses passive solar design strategies along with the super-insulating wall and roof construction to keep the home cool on hot days.

Water is heated with a Dawn Solar System utilizing 1500 feet of PEX tubing underneath the home’s metal “cool” roof.

The home’s electricity will be generated from photovoltaic solar panels that blend into the standing-seam roof and a rooftop wind turbine.

Bob and Betsy are enthusiastic about their home’s innovative materials and features–many of which will only be visible during construction. By giving tours of their home to point out and discuss its green features and energy-efficient systems, they hope to help educate and encourage others to go green.

To schedule a visit or learn more, please contact Betsy at Tours are available weekdays and some weekends by arrangement.