Sustainable Design

An innovative leader in the use of green building materials since 1995, we bring specialized sustainable design expertise to each project.

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de Renouard Residence. Photo by John Durant. sustainable architecture-straw bale-green home design-modern-hubbell and hubbell-san diego,california
Artistic Details

We work closely with celebrated artist James T. Hubbell to design and fabricate unique architectural details, resulting in truly memorable works of artful, sustainable architecture.

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Elfin Forest Interpretive Center exterior. Photo by Natalie Hein. sustainable architecture-organic architecture-natural building-strawbale-ecological-hubbell and hubbell-san diego,california
Adaptive Reuse & Remodels

From adaptive reuse and remodels to green consulting, we welcome all opportunities to work with existing structures. We feel strongly that good architecture and art should be available to clients who share our values, regardless of the size of their project or income.

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Leucadia Beach House Dining Room. Photo by Melinda Holden. sustainable architecture-adaptive reuse-natural building-green home design-hubbell and hubbell-san diego,california
Site-Specific Design

Taking inspiration from each site, we orient the building to take advantage of views, sun angles and breezes. We design passive systems that work with nature–where the sun provides heat and light, shade cools, breezes ventilate, and thermal mass moderates the climate.

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Smoketree Ranch south elevation. Photo by Drew Hubbell. sustainable architecture-site specific-southwest-natural building-green home design-hubbell and hubbell-san diego,california
Hubbell Studio

Founded in 1995, Hubbell & Hubbell Architects provides architectural design and planning services for clients seeking creative, sustainable, and artistic solutions.

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Pacific Portal on Shelter Island. Photo by Scot Conti. organic architecture-hubbell and hubbell-san diego,california
Energy-Efficiency Consulting

We help Southern California homeowners identify ways to lower energy consumption and locate rebates to pay for upgrades.

To benefit from our 15+ years of green building experience, please contact us to schedule a consultation.

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Anders Residence / Energy Consulting